Sunday, October 30, 2011


Every now and again she paused to watch the flames lick and gyrate around the grates. Lila was nestled in the cozy loveseat next to the fireplace. The clock on the mantel chimed 7p.m. The mystery novel sank to her lap as she thought about her wicked plan. Her red lips curled up as she became filled with mirth. Boy will he be surprised.

"Gosh, I'm thirsty." She sauntered over to the refrigerator and poured herself a glass of ice water. Her mind raced. It's all about the music, it has to be just right. Lila took two more gulps of water and then wandered over to the entertainment center. "Let me see." Her fingers slid over her cd collection and then lingered on "Purple Rain".  Yes, this will be perfect.

Some time later, steam swirled around the bathroom.  A slight moan escaped Lila's mouth as the hot water made contact with her body.  "Hmmm this is soo relaxing." She lingered for another 20 minutes before she turned the faucet to the off position.  Standing there nude she applied moisturizer all over her taut body and spritzed perfume on her wrists, shoulders and between her breasts.  It was now 8:15.  He'll be home soon, I better hurry.

Ryan walked through the front door and then stopped to place his keys in the heart shaped bowl in the foyer. "Lila my love, I'm home."  As he turned the corner he saw the embers burning in the fire place.  The sitting room was dim with candlelight.  There was a note on the mantel.  He reached for it and read, I'm waiting for you upstairs.  Ryan grinned, "my little vixen."

Once upstairs, Ryan hurried to the end of the hallway and thrust open the door to the master bedroom.  He was instantly filled with lust as his eyes took in the sight of his love lounging on the bed in nothing but his leather jacket and a pair of thigh high patent leather boots.  "Make love to me." Lila said.  She reached for her ipod and pressed play...

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