Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Velveteen Playboys

The Cosmic Lounge at Showcase Live came alive last night with the sound of Boston based band, The Velveteen Playboys.  Velveteen, a model for musical talent, was founded by vocalist Paul Souza.  The vivacious crooner previously fronted such bands as Beat Surrender, Cactusland, and Meliah Rage.

This impressive ensemble also includes:

Saxophonist Bob Gay who has toured with David Bowie and Chaka Kahn.
Bassist Lenny Bradford formerly with Entrain and The James Montgomery Band.
Guitarist Mike Null of Mike Null and the Soulcasters
Drummer Anthony Steele who has played with Winston Marsalis and Reuben Studdard.

What makes them unique is that their collection of songs isn't only original, but it is eclectic.  Souza admits to "stealing drum beats from popular songs." This sampling, coupled with  diverse musical styling, is successfully executed in the rocking rythm of "Virtual Girl" and the James Bond quality of  "How to Live".  

The Playboys play with enthusiasm which was clearly conveyed to the audience through their solos.  Souza is the ultimate performer; the passion in which he delivers lyrics palpable.  He connected with the crowd effortlessly with his amusing stories and his invitation to get on the dance floor.

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