Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And it Makes me Wonder

Fate, Destiny, Serendipity.  These words have one thing in common.  The unexplicable.  Events which leave you asking why.  It could drive a person bezerk contemplating the answer.  Nevertheless, I'm beginning to believe that everyone's life is a grand design of experiences that serve a purpose.  Links in a chain that define us as human beings;challenging our perception of what is fair or right.  We can either accept it or fight it.  There are times when our code of eithics and faith are tested.  If something was meant to be, should we accept or deny it.  What if it makes us happy? Is it wrong for us to want to indulge?

Death.  A necessary part of life.  Greiving is the difficult part.  The mind plays tricks on you.  You find yourself searching for that person despite never being able to find them.  The lonliness and emptiness that follows.  What is the point?

Relationships.  Who are relationships really about? You or the couple? Consistently, mine have been about me and learning a lesson.  The same lesson repeats.  A study of myself. Who am I? Do I give too much? Is it ok to say no?  Why do I suffer from seperation anxiety?  One relationship ends and then the next begins.  I carry each lesson with me. 

Then there are the lovers who emerge from the past.  What is the sense of that torture when it didn't work the first time.  Is this destiny's way of giving you a gentle reminder? Was it not meant to be then, but it is meant to be now? Or is there a reason you were re-united? Perhaps another obstacle that's going to manifest into yet another lesson?

It's boggling isn't it?

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