Sunday, January 29, 2012

Greetings Earthlings

This morning I arrive at work early to greet attendees of a training happening in the office.  Here I am, stationed outside of the elevator bank, waiting for the bewildered guests so I can direct them to the appropriate floor. In the interim I observe employees reporting for work.  I don't know why, but this strikes me as completely hilarious.  It seems as though I am standing there not only to greet the lost souls, but to greet in general.  Yureka! This is the perfect setting for a social experiment.  I decide to mentally record the diverse reactions to my presence there.  First is the sullen girl with the glasses and red sweater.  She doesn't just ignore me when she enters the lobby, she also ignores me as she exits the lobby. Snob.  A few moments pass and suddenly the elevator doors open and standing there is my friend, jovial Jessica. "HEY, Looking Good"! she shouts.  I gesture to her with the two handed, index finger/ thumb pistol accompanied by a wink and a tick tick sound effect.   Do you know what I'm talking about? Have you seen people do this? Here, let me demonstrate:

 Anyway, jovial Jessica and I share a laugh as the elevator doors close.   Next the facilities manager bursts through the door pushing one of the jumbo flat screens on a rollaway cart that we use for video conferences.  We acknowledge each other with our usual greeting.  It goes like this:

Terry: "T" pause "M"
Me: "TW"

This isn't any ordinary "TW".  It is pronounced Tee-dubyeeah with a southern drawl.  I've noticed there are alot of people from the south that go by their initials.  Terry started the whole calling each other by our initials thing and I always thought that TW would sound great with that southern drawl so one day I tried it. I've been doing it ever since. (Terry thinks it's a scream!)  He bends over to pick up a do-dad off the floor and places it on top of the cart.  "You know that thing is going to be riding around on that cart for an eternity don't you?" Terry shakes his head and laughs "TM you're too much!" I flash him a cheezy grin.

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