Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Here is an Important Message Just For You!

Recently the MBTA (Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) implemented a series of public service announcements that they play while passengers are aboard the train.  Mostly the messages pertain to being courteous to ridership by removing packages from the seat and utilizing the overhead racks and the such.  The voice actor who recorded these announcements is just oozing with cheer too!  This morning, after hearing one of these PSAs, I wondered if the MBTA will communicate the impending fare increase through one of these PSAs.  If they do, I would imagine it would be something like:

Hello! (actor in cheery voice) Due to the gross ineptitude and mis-management of the executives here at the MBTA, we will need to reduce our debt by fucking you, our loyal riders, by imposing a 20% fare increase effective (insert imaginary date here).  Thank you for riding and have a great day!

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