Wednesday, January 4, 2012


It is always OH SO obvious to me when people are novice commuters into Boston.  How can I tell? Because they don't know how to dress appropriately for the streets. 

Last year, on a particularly slushy day in January, I pop into the elevator and press 45.  I'm standing there in full battle gear: a full length down coat with my furry hood secured to my head with a scarf and my pants tucked into my knee high water-proof boots.  I see the reflection of the young girl standing next to me in the elevator doors and she's staring at me.  Despite her looking fashionably cute in her wool swing coat, black pencil skirt and ballet flats, she appears sheepish.  "I guess I need to learn how to dress for this weather." she says, "My feet are soaked.".  I smile, "Yes." I reply, "You certainly do."

With age, comes wisdom.

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