Friday, March 2, 2012

Florida or Bust Part dois

Knowing that I am the ultimate beach bunny, my parents did their research before my Ruskin invasion.  Ruskin is just south of Tampa.  Tuesday we begin our three day beach tour.  The first stop? Coquina Beach in Bradenton.  I just can't gush enough over the turquoise blue waters. The color is truly stunning;completely opposite of the dark and often murky waters indigenous of New England.  Yuck! 
Out of the three beaches, Coquina has the softest most pristine sand that has ever graced my toes.

Despite my tropical surroundings, I find it difficult to relax at the beach because of the people.  If it's not smoking, it's loud music.  If it's not loud music, it's the ignorant parents that allow their children to run amuck.  About a half hour of settling into our spot, an english family of 5 claims a spot about 10 feet away from us.  (This annoys me. Personal space people. Spread out)  Shortly after their arrival, it begins.  The high pitched near yoddle that mummy uses to get the attention of her baby daughter Chloe.  If there was an audio feature available through blogger I would impersonate this for you and insert it here, but alas, there is not.  You are spared.  Within 4 hours, she must have yoddled to her daughter at least 50 times! My father suggests that the only beach for me is one found on a deserted island.  And his point is?

Coquina Beach
 to be continued.....

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