Monday, April 30, 2012

Saturday afternoon we're huddled in the lobby of the DCU Center waiting for the intern from 92.9.  My sister, who is infatuated with Gavin Rossdale, the lead singer of "Bush", finagled us access to a pre-show meet n greet with the band.  After waiting for over an hour, we join the rest of the mini "Bush Army" ("Bush Army" is the name for the entire congregation or any congregation of Bush Fans) and are ushered backstage.  Have you ever been backstage of an arena? It's pretty much just a long corridor with rafters and staging equipment stacked all around.  We walk about 50 ft and stop.  From around the corner comes this british chap.  "Right. Everyone, we'll wait here for the band to take photos and autographs, they'll be along in a minute." Hmmm, I think to myself, how strange I suppose this is normal.  Still it seems awkward to have this meet n greet right here in the middle of this huge corridor, but whatever.  My sister is chatting on, non-stop, about what she's going to say to Gavin.  To the contrary, I'm not even thinking about it.  I figure what happens, happens.  Suddenly the band appears and the 4 of us just stand there like dolts, eyes bulging and mouths agape. We're instructed to form a line so we comply. My turn.  I walk over to Robin Goodridge, the drummer, and our conversation goes like this:

Me: "How are you?"
Robin: "I'm exhausted!"
Me: "I suppose touring will do that to you?"
Robin: "No, I just can't sleep."
Me: "You need to buy a lavender sache.  Tuck it under your pillow."

Yes folks, I suggested to this rock star that he buy himself a lavender sache to tuck under his pillow. (rolling my eyes).  I move over to Gavin and give him a cheery hello.  In my hand is the only piece of paper I could find inside my purse for autographs.  It is a missive that I wrote for this blog.  I say hi to Gavin and ask him to sign my story.  "What's this?  "It's a story I wrote. A parody about the slang words of today's youth." I really didn't intend for him to read it, but he starts to anyway.  After reading at least the first paragraph, he looks up at me and says "I think you nailed it."  He signs it: Tiffany, big love, Gavin Rossdale xx. (hee hee I got two kisses from Gavin, I'm blushing)  I collect all the other autographs and then it's time to pose for our group photo. "Wait!" "I need to be next to my sister." "Who's your sister" says Gavin.  "She is."  I point to my sister whose standing to the left of Gavin so I snuggle up to him on the right.  "I feel like an Oreo." Gavin says with a grin.  We take the picture and that's that.   


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